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CD’s zoeken op genre

Hieronder kunt u een genre kiezen dat u aanspreekt, of als u op zoek bent naar iets specifieks, gebruik dan het zoekveld.


These CD’s will create a healing ambiance and can be used for Reiki and other healing sessions. Within this genre you’ll also find singing bowls, angelic music and music for Ayurveda.


Mantra’s are magical words and sounds that can protect, liberate and heal. Our CD’s contain authentic mantra’s produced in India or inspired Western mantra’s.


Body & Mind

A healthy body as well as a healthy mind are important to everyone. Listening to our music, you can nurture your inner health. These CD’s are intended for yoga, chakra meditation, T’ai Chi, Feng Shui, Zen, Pilates and much more.


Always busy, sometimes stressed out. You know you need to take some time to unwind and relax. Listen to these wonderful CD’s in a quiet place, during a massage or just before going to sleep.



Where can you hear the pure sound of the ocean, of birds or the rainforest? Oreade’s nature CD’s will carry you far from the city life. It’s as if you are part of nature.



Would you like to journey around the world? Our music will have you listening to the far corners of the globe. From ancient musical traditions of Native Americans to Tibetan flute. From Australian didgeridoo to Brazilian rhythm… Enjoy your trip!