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This CD features a wide variety of songs from some of the most popular Oreade albums over the past twenty years and some of our best releases from 2003 by Oreade’s most famous artists like Aeoliah, Erik Berglund, Sarva-Antah, Surajit Das, Llusha, Chris Michell, Kamal, James Asher, Medwyn Goodall, Keiya, Sangit Om, Enam, Gomer Edwin Evans and many more.

1. Windrider

2. Immortal Beauty

3. La Dolce Vita

4. Oasis (Water in the Desert)

5. Arinya

6. The Royal Taylor

7. Lonely on the Mountain

8. Om Ama Rani

9. North (Kan)

10. Angel of Hope

11. Om Sarabee

12. Passionate Moments

13. Skhalnan

14. Hanuman Mantra

15. Ghoongat Ohle Na Luk Saj


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