Journey through my Soul

Awhina, Simone


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Simone Awhina is een getalenteerd Nederlandse artieste die een duidelijke boodschap wil overbrengen met haar liedjes. Haar muziek kan mensen helpen die in een moeilijke fase van hun leven zijn beland. Hoewel ze bekend is door haar helende concerten heeft dit album meer jazz- en popinvloeden en een sneller tempo.

Songs of healing and regaining the magic of life through love. Using personal tragic losses as the creative basis, these songs were written to take the listener through various stages of grief and then finding joy and hope again. Some top musicians from Holland create the orchestral backdrop for Simone’s sultry voice. Even though she has been known for her “healing” concerts this recording is more jazz and pop oriented with an up-tempo beat. In June 2001, Simone was selected to represent Holland at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood. And upon her performance in Hollywood, Simone was awarded a bronze and a gold medal for her talent and gift of music. Music can touch every soul; I would like to show through my music, that every end has a new beginning. And this album is also a new beginning for me. Simone Awhina

1. Journey through my Soul

2. I prayed for a Miracle

3. Don’t go away

4. Goodbye Tears

5. My Guardian Angel

6. Dancing in the Moonlight

7. The Boy next Door

8. Symbol of Love

9. Angel with broken Wings

10. Believe in Yourself

11. Stay the Way you are

12. Midnight Hour


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