The Spirit of Tantra

Evans, Gomer Edwin


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Met prachtige elementen uit de Oosterse muziek opent dit album deuren naar een sensuele, spirituele en harmonieuze fantasie. Evans heeft zijn multi-instrumentale stijl aangepast aan tantra; een rituele praktijk uit de Vedische traditie die gericht is op geestelijke verruiming en bevrijding. The Spirit of Tantra bestaat uit vier delen en leidt je door middel van exotische klanken en multiculturele ritmes naar een plek van bevrijding en ontspanning.

With wonderful elements from the music of the East, this flowing recording opens a doorway that is wonderfully sensuous, harmonious and percussive, and can serve as both a sensual and spiritual fantasy soundtrack. Evans adapts his multi-instrumental stylings to the subject of Tantra, which is all about an expansion of awareness and the realization of interconnectedness in the universe. While it is often seen in the West as a way to enhance pleasure and intimacy, Tantra can apply to all walks of live, both as an art and as a science. This marvelous CD offers that fine balance between the worlds of world music and that of the healing arts aimed at relaxation and opening. The four selections are all rather long, allowing for intricate development, setting the stage for expansion and visual listening, filled with exotic sounds, cross-cultural rhythms, and the music of a united land that many are seeking.

1. Passionate Moments

2. Tantra Energy

3. Listen To My Heart

4. Secret Love


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