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Zets is an musical project by Ot Azoj exploring new ground by walking a tightrope between the various aspects of Klezmer music right on the margins of related musical styles. An album with a wide variety and many surprises. Both serious and light-hearted lyrics engage in a conversation with melancholy and rousing music, which jumps from traditional to swing and from Yiddish vaudeville to the Caucasus; all played with a lot of power. Zets is a Yiddish exclamation meaning: Chin up!

1. Pitbulgar

2. Wu Bistu Gewen

3. Turkish Honga

4. Drei Fojal

5. Wos Di Wilst, Dos Wil Ich Ojch

6. Aji Tu Yorma, Aji?

7. Bucuresti Chossid

8. Zets!

9. Teichele

10. Jiddish Melody In Swing

11. A Jid Varblonzhet

12. Zets’m

13. Ojfn Weg Stejt A Bojm

14. A Chassene Baj Jidden

15. Zok Abectn Abaauatu


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