Healing Music for Reiki 2



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Dit is het tweede deel uit de Healing Music for Reiki serie. Het album bevat twee nummers die je helpen de helende energie van reiki of andere helende therapieen vast te houden. De hemelse muziek creeert een vredige gemoedstoestand waar je je door liefde laat omringen.

The second release in Aeoliah’s Healing Music for Reiki series contains two perfectly transparent tracks that will help anchor the healing energies of Reiki and other forms of therapy and healing practices. With the two selections that each extend for nearly thirty minutes, the touch of love is ever present. Aeoliah uses keyboards, synthesizers and his classically taught piano skills to blend and weave the various tones into celestial melodies that embrace, caress and invite the listener into a place that opens the space for love to come through.

1. Chintamani: The Treasure

2. The Healing Heart


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